Hammoud Chantout
Artist Hammoud Chantout Statement
Hammoud Chantout
Mixed media on paper

While I was a small child I was bedridden for a long time in our muddy house… in front of me there was a wall covered with white lime… I used to stare at the wall to see pictures for battles, horses, trees and faces; and every day the scene on the wall changes and this was my sole amusement when I was young…

After I started painting for the first time when I was 14 years old I used to stare at the wall from the outside with admiration especially the green moss that exists on the upper side of the wall due to the rain and I always dreamed of painting them.

In the same room as I am sleeping; I wake up at night on the dim room light to see an enchanting woman staring at me without moving in her full ornaments and colorful dresses, and in spite of that charm she scares so I escape to my mother sleeping next to me.

After that I painted the wall hundreds of times with that beautiful gene woman and till now I could not reach that charm and beauty that I saw when I was a small child.

Chantout… Damascus 2008


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