Hammoud Chantout
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Hammoud Chantout

Sometimes he gathers light as if it is white flour or like liquid of neon shining, all that in a place with the calmness and darkness of a cave, along with that humming felt by an exhausted man coming out of the depth of his body.

Fateh Mudares 1989

His graduation project «The Atelier» was documentation with a very high skillfulness and creativity…. And later on he was an inspiration for a lot of students’ graduations projects which came after him

Saad Al-Kassem

Hammoud Chantout is an artist whose paintings interpret his inner world in the same time he was painting the things that surrounds him, in which the viewers could find great echoes in themselves, so he produced art reflected his personal world and the problems of people, that’s how he became one of the most popular painters

Tarek Al-Sharif 1992

Years ago I saw paintings for Hammoud Chantout, paintings trying to draw the space, catching the slightest details of desolation and solitude ... It moved a kind of loneliness inside me which I tried to cover it with noise and disturbance, it opened deserted and dark wells in my soul that I’m afraid to look at them in the eyes

Hakam Al Baba 1989

He controls the surface like the maestro leading his orchestra, in every corner he puts color, light or combination that holds the whole music of the scene

Isam Darwich 2007

Through these simple subjects, he is presenting his emotions, his dark grieves and his colored outbursts in a very high performance which its special characteristics makes him unique among the artists of his generation with new forms far from presumption , the glitter of titles and slogans yet more close to original and simple soul of art.

Nazir Nabaa 1988

As if suns are distilled flowing in the paintings... as if water waving making soft musical lines curving and bending full of aesthetic passions capturing desires, secrets and magic.

Zuhair Ghanem

Chantout lives his art before he produces it, for him it is his cross that he suffers when he hold it, yet his relief would be upon that cross.

Mahmoud Shahin 1987

Like wine extracted in an invisible places, he spread his worlds on the dining tables of gods.

Gibran Saad 2007

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